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My First Sex Toy

They say every girl should have a sex toy to help find herself sexually. I wasn’t sure how true that was till I got my first ever sex toy. Masturbation gets you off, no doubt, but having a sex toy that fills you up, and gyrates in you while you are rubbing your clitoris is a totally different experience. The orgasmic release is more intense than the good old rub-till-you-cum malarkey ;-).

My first ever toy was a Jessica Rabbit. Why did I choose this particular sex toy? Well first off it was long enough to get it where it needed to be. There are three rows of beads in the multi-speed rotating shaft which as I understood, would give great vaginal stimulation. Well anything that brings pleasure is most welcome, and so the decision was made.

There’s nothing disappointing than a too short a shaft when you are playing, I have come to realise. Mind you there are other adult toys that are very small, but for my first toy, I wanted something that was as close to the real thing as possible. I’d received this supposedly amazing toy in the post, now how do I build myself to actually using the damn thing. It was like losing my virginity all over again, is it going to hurt? How much lube do I use? I managed to get over all this and worked myself till my womanly sheath was ready to receive the my newly acquired sword, in went the Jessica Rabbit, first without the vibrating function till I was comfortable.

It was amazing how different the feeling was once the gyration action in play, while the curved tip was rubbing my g-spot [for the first time], the bunny ears were doing what they were meant to; rubbing my clit. Within three minutes I was shaking with the pleasure of orgasm, and my god was it mind blowing. Not just the “cumming”, but the after shock-left me shuddering for a good few minutes, least a think it was minutes as time meant nothing at that time.

That sex toy has been worked harder than any gadget I’ve ever owned. Though there are a few more now, I still pull out my old friend now and then, just for old times sake :-P. I think my collection is going to grow now that I’ve found myself working here no doubt.

Jessica Rabbit G-Sport Slim

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